Tuesday, April 19, 2011

It's Spring.. Happy Easter, Happy Passover

Good Morning Everyone,

I can't believe it's already the middle of April.  2011 is flying by.  We have been quite busy these past few weeks.  Joshua tried out for his talent show at school and was chosen.  He performed jokes on stage.  Everyone loved it.   He was also in his first school play.  Lots of fun.  He just rec'd another gold bar for his karate belt too.  So close to a brown belt then a black belt.  He just turned 8 years old last week. :)  & :(  (my baby is growing up too fast) 

An update with Cute and Comfy Cushionknee - it's slow, but I am still plugging away.  Boutiques are great, but the internet would be even better...   Starting a home business via internet does require lots of time and long nightly and early morning hours ...  

My top 6 this week...     The oldest people alive today..  (I found this article today and it game me the idea)  Absolutely Amazing!!!!!!! 

1 Besse Cooper[4] F 26 August 1896 &0000000000000114000000114 years, &0000000000000236000000236 days  United States
2 Chiyono Hasegawa[4] F 20 November 1896 &0000000000000114000000114 years, &0000000000000150000000150 days  Japan
3 Venere Pizzinato[4] F 23 November 1896 &0000000000000114000000114 years, &0000000000000147000000147 days  Italy
4 Shige Hirooka[4] F 16 January 1897 &0000000000000114000000114 years, &000000000000009300000093 days  Japan
5 Dina Manfredini[4] F 4 April 1897 &0000000000000114000000114 years, &000000000000001500000015 days  United States
6 Jiroemon Kimura[4] M 19 April 1897 &0000000000000114000000114 years, &00000000000000000000000 days  Japan