Sunday, March 13, 2011

My Mom had Shoulder Surgery, Husband and Son are Awesome

Hi Everyone,  (or no one.. I am not even sure if I am doing this right) 

Well it's been a crazy week.  My mom had shoulder surgery and thanks to my husband, he's been a big help.  I have been living at my moms house since last Thursday.  My son is the best.  He's been writing her cute feel better messages and I miss you mommy notes.  He slept over 'grandma's' house on Saturday and was the happiest child ever.  He kept saying all night how he couldn't believe he was having a grandma and mommy sleep over.  He was so helpful and such a good boy!  I love you JCB.  Well business is okay, still reading blogs and figuring out how to have others read mine.  I am reading about blog hops so maybe if I do them, you will read this.  :) 

Cute and Comfy Cushionknee is still a work in progress.  My son helped me with inventory this week.  He enjoyed counting all my fabric covers.  He put them in order as to his favorite and of course what could have taken me 15 minutes took 60 minutes, but that's okay, it was time together and that's what counts :) 

For those that read my blog, my son the dinosauraholic.... Loves this game too!!!! 

Well, time for another Top 5. 

What are the top 5 candy companies in the US?

1) tootsieroll 2)mars 3) Wrigley 4) Nestle 5) Cadbury-Adams

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  2. Popping by to say thank you for linking up on the Mystery Post Blog Hop this week! Have a wonderful day!